this etc same

this etc same
adj infml

She was killed with this same knife — Она была убита вот этим самым ножом

You've made the very same mistake again — Ты опять сделал ту же самую ошибку

This is the very same man I met yesterday — Это именно тот человек, которого я встретила вчера

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  • same*/*/*/ — [seɪm] grammar word summary: Same can be: ■ an adjective: We both went to the same school. ■ a pronoun: I d do the same if I had the chance. ■ an adverb: The twins always dress the same. 1) the same used for saying that a particular person or… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • same — [sām] adj. [ME < ON samr, akin to Goth sama, OHG samo, OE same < IE * som , var. of base * sem , one, together, with > Sans saṃ, Gr homōs, alike, L simul, at the same time, similis, like] 1. being the very one; identical 2. alike in kind …   English World dictionary

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  • etc — 1. This is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase et cetera meaning ‘and other things of the same kind’, and is pronounced et set ǝr ǝ or et set rǝ, despite the temptation to articulate the first syllable ek on the analogy of words such as ecstasy… …   Modern English usage

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  • same — 1 /seIm/ adjective (only before a noun) 1 the same person/place/thing etc a) one particular person, thing etc and not a different one: He is in the same chair every evening. | I ll never make the same mistake again. (+ as): It s hard to believe… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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